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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Porsche Puppies Coming!

I haven't written for a while.  The Dobes and I have kept busy.  Vader's training is coming along well. I have been going slowly with and building a solid foundation.  He is a natural tracker and very confident in the bitework.  His obedience has been improving lots too.  He still reminds me so much of his mother that its crazy.
Cinders' obedience is doing lots better.  Using the pinch on her waist seems to be helping a lot with her foraging.  Her corners in tracking are doing much better too.  Control in protection has been doing well, but we took about a month off in protection due to weather etc and when we went to train in Nashville this last weekend control wasn't great.
Porsche is now 1 month pregnant.  I am really excited to see what she and Orinoco throw together.  I anticipate that by line-breeding on the Black Gong side we will bring some natural aggression and excellent grips to the table.  Then add in very correct conformation and this should be an exceptional litter.  Ultrasound showed 5 pups.  I am hoping there is a nice female in the litter for me.  Porsche has been ultra sweet and maternal.  She has been grooming everyone and wants to kiss me and be held all the time.  She is SOOOOO SWEET. Icky sweet!  But I love her.

Brandi Williams
Masaya Dobermans

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