Masaya Dobermans


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Porsche's Heeling

Porsche has such a natural healing ability. Unfortunately, I have been concentrating on Cinders so much that I haven't trained Porsche as much as I should. I just love Porsche's healing. She has such nice natural position and her drives are phenomenal! She is truly a joy to train. She is still very gangly and at times I think her legs get in the way. She sits nice and true and straight. However, she seems uncomfortably in a precise down, so I am going to wait on the down stays until she grows into herself some more. Her sit out of motion is coming along nicely. I think I will be able to get a very quick and precise response from her. Her about turns are very tight and her change of pace is already really smooth. Her energy is just amazing. She has a lot of food drive and I use it a lot to train her with. Her ball drive is off the charts and as she gets older I will start incorporating it more and more into training. She hasn't gotten to do bite work in a couple weeks, but the last time she did it was very impressive. She has already started biting a real sleeve. Her grips are naturally full and hard. Its funny because she has the sleeve stuffed so far back in her mouth and then she holds on as tight as she can and moans a little like her you can pick her up or do whatever you want and she won't let go. She does not out, yet. She LOVES to bite! She is going to be a very nice worker and hopefully will live up to mom and dad.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its a Beautiful Thing!

Just finished running Cinders on a Sch 3 track.  AWESOME!  It was varying grass with weeds sometimes short and sometimes taller than my head.  BEAUTIFUL!  She nailed it! My little girl can track!  I am just so pleased with Cinders right now.  Everything is falling into place and I think she will do very well at her next trial.
I took her last Sat to train with the Greater Cincinnati Schutzhund Club .  I want to see how her control would be with a different helper and I need to get her on a real field with blinds so we can practice.  Brian was the helper and its been over a year since he lasted worked Cinders.  She did a beautiful routine!  I had to use electric on her a little on the back transport as she was foraging terribly and really wanted another go at Brian.  He Grips were PERFECT (as always)!  After we did the routine Brian turned to me with a huge grin and said- "I remember this dog: I didn't remember her until she came around the blind with that powerful masculine bark"  He was all excited and said that whatever we have been doing with her to keep it up.  He said she was awesome and with a little polishing I could take her to some big shows and "kick a**"  I was so proud of my girl and all the wonderful compliments that I received.  I often find when I take her places that most Schutzhund people have never seen a Doberman as powerful as her- especially a female.
I got a note from Rick- Tessa is now 72lbs (at 8 mos) and doing very well.  I weighed Porsche a few days ago and she was 62lbs.  Porsche deserves her own blog post and as soon as I get a little more time I am going to write about her more.  She is amazing!  I thought her mom was easy to train, but Porsche is extremely intellegent and learns quicker than I can teach.