Masaya Dobermans


Thursday, November 5, 2009


I had a call from Rick a couple days ago.  Tessa got skunked!  He is still trying to air everything out.  The tomato juice remedy didn't work so well.  He looked up online and found a formula containing peroxide to use.  He said it worked well, but they were having problems getting the smell out of the house and their clothes etc.  Tessa is doing ok.  She now weighs 80 lbs!  She started obedience school on Tuesday.  I haven't heard anything, but hopefully they enjoyed themselves.  Tessa has been having some problems with nipping.  She is a high drive dog and when she gets excited she expresses herself with her mouth.  Unfortunately, human skin is not as tough as dog skin and she has been leaving some bruises and marks in her excitement.  They have tried many things and hopefully this obedience class will help. I have been trying to offer advice, but its difficult with out being able to actually see her do this. 
Rain is still doing really good.  I have been promised some new photos soon.  I will post them here or on her webpage when I get them.
Porsche is doing really good.  She weighed 68lbs on her 10 month b-day.  She got to go to work with me Tuesday.  She was really good and we got to do a couple short obedience lessons.  We also went to the park for a walk after work.  We walked down by they river and she jumped off the dock into the water.  I had to pull her out, but she had fun!
We took pictures of her and Cinders last weekend.  The new picture are up on the website.