Masaya Dobermans


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity

I came home from running a few errands Saturday afternoon and an electric company guy was in my back yard playing with Lily and Lulu! Normally, I don't leave anyone outside while I am gone, but it was such a nice day and I was only going to be gone a short while. Lily and Lulu where mauling the poor guy. Of course, he seemed to be enjoying himself playing with them.
The electrical problem was at the neighbors, but he was just making sure that all my lines where ok before they turned the power on. I think he volunteered because of the dogs. I am not sure where that crew was from, but I have seen several in the area from Georgia and Alabama. He said they made him miss his dogs. I was just glad I had not left Cinders outside because she would not have allowed him back there. He said she had been barking at him through the window and he was glad she wasn't out there.

He was a grizzled husky guy with a hard hat, uniform and some equipment on, so I thought it was an excellent opportunity for some socialization. I told him I had some pups and asked him if he wanted to see them. Of course he did! I knew he had to go back to work, so I brought out two bullys first. One was the boy ( I thought he would like him) and the other was Molly. While the 2 bullys were being loved on, I went in and got the purple and red pups. All the pups took to this big guy very well. The red pup did not want to wait her turn and was trying frantically to climb up his legs. Too bad he had to go back to work or I would have brought everyone out.

I am very happy the power is back on and the weather has improved. I let the pups run in the yard for an hour or so and I took some video. All together during the power outage I took an hours worth of video that needs to be uploaded and edited. So for those of you that got the first installations, that was about 30 min of video cut to 20 min. I still have another 30 min to go and I am already thinking about taking some more. Likely I will create another agility course this weekend. I am already thinking about it. However, I believe I have one on video that hasn't been uploaded yet.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still no electric

We have been with out electricity since the ice storm nearly 2 weeks ago. I have been taking pictures and videos of the pups, but have no way to upload them. I moved everyone (dobes and bulldogs) into the x-pen in the living room near the wood stove. Right now it is our only source of heat.

Cinders and Lulu have both been allowing each others puppies to nurse. Cinders is a little more picky and prone to getting on to Lulu's pups if she thinks they are being too rough with her baby dobes. The puppies get out a lot and its not uncommon for me to find some of them running around the house when I get home. Thank goodness all my floors are hardwood and tile.

The good news is that the lack of electricity has allowed me to spend a lot of time with the puppies. I have gotten to know their personalities really well. This is going to help me find the right home for them. I am pretty sure that Purple is going to be Tessa and live in MI. She is a really nice middle puppy and I think she will be very happy in MI. She loves to play, but right now doesn't seem as dominant as the pink puppy or as high drive as the red puppy.

I have been creating puppy agility courses and videoing the puppies on the "equipment". I am very pleased with everyones reactions. The Checker/stripe puppy seems to enjoy the equipment the most and is the first to explore and climb on everything. She is real confident puppy and loves toys and people. I think she would do well at agility or pet therapy or make a nice family dog.

Pink is a monster and the largest puppy. She constantly tries to dominate the other puppies. She loves people and when she gets out of the pen she runs straight over to try to be with me.

I have also started taking the dobes on small car trips. Either individually or in pairs. Yesterday I took the Pink puppy with me to wash the car and run a few short errands. Pink whined some and explored some. Friday, I took checker. Checker is the easy going puppy. Hardly fussed at all. Monday I took purple and Red. Red is also pretty easy going and started exploring the car. Purple was a little more fussy. Its not to surprising though. Purple and Pink are the more vocal of the puppies. They let you know when they want something. Checker and Red are quieter in a way, but I think they will be "talkers" when they get older.

Also, since the snow/ice has been melting I have been taking them outside for short walks either individually or in twos. Yesterday, I let pink walk in from the car. She was very interested in exploring her environment.

Next week I plan to take them to my friends house for individual pictures and some kiddie play time.

I will send out new video and pics as soon as the power comes on.