Masaya Dobermans


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tessa at 1 yr

   Tessa is 28 1/2 inches tall and 81.5 lbs. I took her to the vet Monday, she had a big bump by her right dew claw, probably a sliver from running in the field or bean field stubble. We decided to put her on antibiotics for a week and see if she gets better instead of surgery. I've been putting peroxide on it and the bump is going away, if I can just keep her from trying to lick it. She completed her obedience class on Dec.15th and got her certificate and a toy. The instructors made a game they timed us on, it was a baseball game, we had to run the bases and do things as fast as we could. 1st base was a sit, then down, then back to sit. 2nd base was just a sit, and 3rd base was just a down, Tessa did them all with just hand commands, no words, I was showing out a little. Tessa completed the task in the quickest time between not only our class, but another class that trains the same time we do. I was very proud of her. We did it twice and our class won both events because of Tessa's and my quickness completing it. Her biting has gotten better but, some days she still nips us a lot, it's just not as often as it use to be.  When I put her pinch collar on she's like a different dog, she heels almost perfectly. We practice that about everyday outside. Maybe someday soon I'll try her off leash. She barks a lot, she doesn't like to see anything different outside or like if something is out of place, like Christmas decorations or snow piles from plows, stuff like that. She doesn't like for you to have things in your hand, like cleaning bottle, camera, or shovel, things like that. I will write more when I have more time.
                                            Rick & Debby

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Babies!

My "A" litter is now a year old!  I sent out birthday wishes to all my girls this morning and here is a letter I recieved from "Rain"-
Thank  you for the Birthday wishes Mama Brandi. 
Mama Gail said to tell you I was a big girl now but some days I still feel like a puppy wuppy and do something Mama Gail calls the "Zoomies".  She laughs at me when I do those Zoomies but I think it is fun.  I did that this morning out in the dog yard when I went out to potty. 
I also taught myself a new trick for in the house, when I want to take a nap I pick up my blanket and pull it over my head (to keep the light out) and snuggle down to nap.  Mama Gail thinks that is very cute and has promised to try hard to get a picture of it one of these days.
My real work is going very well.  I am a very smart Dober Girl and have done a good job learning how to find those dead humans for Mom.  She tells me how great I am all the time.  I like working because it means that when I find something Mama Gail plays with me with my favorite Wubba toy and we have lots of fun.
Take care and while I do hope all my Dober siblings are doing well I happen to know that I am doing best of all.
Miss Rain