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Monday, October 19, 2009

New Schutzhund 3!!

Date: Monday, October 19, 2009, 7:58 AM

Cinders is now Swift Run's Volcan Masaya Sch3, IPO2, WD1, CD, RN, WAC, CGC!  Cinders earned her Schutzhund 3 yesterday in IL.  She was high Sch3 and high Protection overall!  I am so proud of my girl!  Cinders is my first schutzhund dog and to have accomplished this with her being only 3yrs old is amazing to me.  We have had some wonderful help along our journey and met some great people.  It doesn't hurt that I started with such an awesome pup!  Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this journey! 
Cinders is going to take some time off this winter to have another wonderful litter.  I am sure we will still work (she will insist!), but I also need to spend some more time working with Porsche (she is way too nice of a puppy to neglect).  Hopefully. after some polishing you will see Cinders back on the field next year.
Also, I have video of her trial yesterday.  I haven't looked to see what the quality is like, but I should have it uploaded to her webpage in a couple days.

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    Thursday, October 1, 2009

    Training with Meridian Working Dog Club

    Cinders, Porsche, and I spent last weekend in Decatur, IL training with Anne Rammelsburg and Jose.  We started out bright and early, well not so bright as we left at 5am Saturday morning.  We arrived at the community college to track at 9amCST.  Anne laid a Sch3 track in the alfalfa for Cinders.  I laid a puppy track for Porsche. 
    Porsche did pretty well on her puppy track.  She still moves quickly and initially misses a lot of the bait.  She settles into the track towards the end.  Her tracks are still really short as this is only about the 5th time I have tracked her.  She is starting to understand and her nose is naturally deep.
    Cinders did awesome on about the first 2 legs of her track.  The track was 1 1/2hrs old and she didn't have any problems with the age of the track.  She seemed to have issues with the left turns, so we are now working on that.  I got some good ideas for practice tracks to lay for her, so hopefully by trial time she will V rate.
    Obedience was good.  I am still having some problems with Cinders' stays, but she is improving.  Everything else was really good.  Still trying to improve her stand out of the run.  I would like to see her lock up faster.  Porsche did well in obedience too.  I didn't do a lot with her, but she was able to concentrate easily despite the different environment and sights and sounds.
    Protection went well.  The blind search is looking good.  We are loading the blinds and I think it will work come trial day. Jose and Anne said her control was much better than the last time they saw her (UDC Natls).  We are mostly working on me and how I handle her.  They want me to be calmer and it seems to work.  I think right now we are training for points.  She has a tendency to look back at me as I walk up and we are fixing that.  I think her protection  at the trial is going to be really nice.  When she is calm and focused she is awesome!
    Porsche's protection went well.  Both Anne and Jose said she was a really nice puppy with full natural grips.  We have to work on keeping her calm.  Jose compared her to a Malinois.  He said we need to train her to be calm and not thrash.  He said that is what will make her more powerful than most dogs.  Focus all her energy into the grip.  She has more energy than Cinders and overall is a more sporty dog.  Cinders tends to be more serious.  However, Porsche may grow into that.  She is only 9 mos.   She is catching on to Jose's training very quickly.  She is very smart and learns very quickly.
    Overall, it was a very successful weekend.  The trial is Oct 18.  We will be training the next 2 weekends with Meridian.  I did take video.  You will have to check out the website to see it.  It should be posted by the end of the week.