Masaya Dobermans


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I took Cinders to the vet this morning and had her x-rays taken. They only saw 5 puppies on the x-rays. The puppies skeletons were not calcified completely yet, so there is a small chance there were puppies we could not see. This also means the pups are not ready to be born yet and likely will not come early. Cinders is doing well and seems to have lots of energy. Hopefully we will have a nice healthy litter.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Begining

I am starting this blog to chronicle my first working Doberman litter. Swift Run's Volcan Masaya WD1, SchH1, CD, WAC, CGC has been bred to Arras von Moeller Hof SchHIII, IPO III, RH-1, FFB SG1A I will also use the blog later to track Cinders' training and accomplishments. Right now Cinders is on maternity leave.

Puppies are due Dec 30. Ultra sound performed by Dr. Ross at Pee Wee Valley animal hospital showed at least 6 puppies. I am very excited about this litter- Cinders is not! Cinders is very unhappy about her enforced confinement. She is convinced that the puppies are evil as they poke at her all the time. She moans and complains every chance she gets! I haven't told her its only going to get worse. She's hasn't been in the best of moods.

We have exactly 2 weeks from today before the pups are born. I haven't yet figured out how to convince Cinders that she is NOT having the pups in my bed. The whelping box is in my room, but she doesn't go in there. I thought about locking her in, but I am pretty sure she would just go over and I don't want to endanger the pups. Hmmm...

I'll take a picture of her today and post it. I am going to have her x-rayed to get a more exact count next week.

Check back for updates.