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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Boy Comes Back Another Boy Leaves

After much inner debate, I decided to place Vader.  Vader is everything I could ever want in a schutzhund Doberman.  Civil with phenomenal drives and extreme confidence and grips.  He is his mother with testosterone.  Unfortunately, Vader still has an overbite.  The more I work this boy the more attached I get and the more depressed that such an awesome dog has such a fault.  I feel fortunate that what I feel is the perfect home came up for my baby.  Vader is going to a competition schutzhund home where he will be part of the family and most important he will be close by where I can watch his progress and be available if things don't work out.
About a week before I placed Vader, I bought Razor back.  Razor's previous owner was a shepherd guy and he decided he wanted to purchase a trained shepherd.  Razor came with rave reviews from his previous owner and fellow club members.  I got to work this  boy last weekend and I was very impressed with his balanced drives and super calm grips.  A very nice boy with a solid foundation. He is also a complete sweetheart and a wonderful household addition.  He is a wonderful schutzhund prospect and I anticipate good things for his future.
Brandi Williams
Masaya Dobermans

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