Masaya Dobermans


Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain Trains for Building Search

 I chatted with Gail last night on Facebook.  Ms Rain is doing really well in her training.  She had a lot of fun last weekend. She  got to search 2 different large buildings and work 4 different Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.  She loves to work and is doing great. She is a very fast learner.


 Gail says that she loves to watch Rain work.  She will go out and search then look back at Gail so Gail can tell her she is a good girl. She loves to show off, especially in front of other people. She had quite a following this weekend and she would prance around until she had all the attention then take off and work.


 It was amazing talking to Gail.  I see so much of Cinders in Rain.  Gail says that Rain is bone headed about some things, tough as nails most of the time yet the most loving girl I could want. I love to watch her work. That little dober brain kicks into gear and you wonder just how smart they are. What I also love is how she gets so excited to work. She is such high drive and she will get so wound up then after we are done she sleeps like a log. (She snores some but it's cute) .  Yes, I do love the little girl (even if she isn't so little any more). Her snore is this little "flutter" and when she snores Tory stares at her with this "What on Earth is that" look on his face.


Her description reminds me so much of Cinders.  I love to see Cinders passing on these wonderful traits to her pups.  Rain was one of the pups that I really thought favored her mother (Porsche is Daddy Arras' girl).  Gail is talking about getting Rain's LETS certification  in April and her IDHS certifications next summer.  She needs to work on stay with her for the obedience part. She does most of it prettygood but stay is hard  (again she takes after mommy Cinders).


I attached a picture of Rain starting her building search.  I can't wait to hear more about Rain and Gail.  I hope to go watch them train again sometime.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

Porsche Keeps Training and Cinders Starts Complaining

Porsche has been doing awesome on her training lately.  We have started training the hold and guard and she is doing really well.  Her grips are calm and full.  Meanwhile, Cinders thinks she is starving and complains more and more each day.  She is getting big and most likely I will start taking some pregnancy photos in the next week or so.  She constantly tries to break into the food bins.  She is grumpy and never seems satisfied.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ultra Sound Confirmed 7-8 pups

I went to the Repro vet today and had an ultrasound done. Dr. Ross counted at least 7 puppies! She put one of the pups up on the screen and I got to see the heartbeat, the little nubs where the legs were forming and even where the spinal cord was starting to develop!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Puppies are coming!!!!

I couldn't stand waiting any longer, so I took Cinders in to my mom's vet (we were visiting her in AR this last weekend) and got an ultrasound.  The vet saw at least 5 puppies!  It was still really early and this particular vet did not take the time to count pups.  With it being so early she was just looking to see if Cinders was pregnant.  I am keeping my appointment for Thursday at the repro vet.  They usually place the dog in a cradle and do a more intense ultrasound and count the pups in each uterine horn, so we should get a better number then.  I have had a lot of interest on this litter and I believe that it is going to be a very nice working litter. 
Citto was such a gentleman and a really sweet dog when we visited him.  He seems very intellegent with an excellent work ethic and I love the pedigree on this litter.  I do expect the puppies to have darker markings.  Citto has been know to throw sooty markings on his pups.  His pups are also known for their excellent pack drive and awesome working ability.  Puppies from Cinders last litter are very dedicated workers who love to train and have very high drive, so this should be a great pairing.
Puppies are due March 16.  You can see more info on the litterbox