Masaya Dobermans


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain Training at Atterbury

Here is a new picture of Rain working at Atterbury.  She just found buried stuff in the gravel pile and is letting Gail know about it.
I love this dog!  I always loved the attitutde and personality on Rain.  She had a rough time of it when she was a pup, but she has always been a fighter and will always be one of my favorite pups.

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Saturday Training

We had an excellent training session last Saturday.   I got to work some with Porsche on her obedience.  He heeling is beautiful.  She has excellent position and focus.  We are still building and I am providing lots of treats, but I love what I am seeing so far.  I am also working on her stays and her out of motion exercises.
I had someone we train with lay a track for Cinders.  Do to space contraints it was about the size of a schutzhund 2 track. Meanwhile while it aged I took Cinders over and worked on her stand and down out of a run.  Her down is excellent but her stand needs some work as she does not lock up as quickly as I would like, but I have started using a toy as motivation and releasing her to go get it when she is correct.  It seems to be working and I am sure I will be very pleased with the results.  This is a very difficult exercise.
After her track had aged about 45 minutes I took her over to run it.  I had the tracklayer be my "judge" and Cinders did a very nice check in.  Her tracking was beautiful.  She overshot the second corner a little but immediately went back to the track.  Article indication was perfect and then we checked out.  It would have easily been a 98-99 at a trial. 
I did not have Cinders e collar with me so I decided to run her through the protection routine as if it were a trial and only had her show collar on her.  We only had the one blind up so there was no blind search.  Her hold and bark and call out where excellent.  It was an awesome routine.  Her grips were full and hard (as always) and her control was excellent.  Everyone agreed she would have easily scored a 98-99.  Its always nice to here your trainer and fellow schutzhund people say that Cinders is a dog who has the ability to score in the upper 90's in all phases. 
Overall, it was an excellent training session.  I intend to take Cinders out to a different club with in the next few weeks and make sure that the control is still there on a different field with a different helper.