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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to Training!!!

The AWDF is 8 wks away and Porsche is due in about a week and I have LOTS of work to do!!!!   Not to mention seven  2wk old Great Danes pups at home and a full time job!  It makes me crazy to even think about it. Cinders blinds still have much to be desired.  Still not getting her to lock up quickly on the stand out of motion and after almost 2 months off of training for various reasons (ok we have trained a couple times in the past 2 mos), her control is not what it been before the hiatus.  I did get to track her maybe 5 times in the past 2 months and was very happy to see her corners doing much better.  I am hoping for improved weather to allow more training.  However, we did train in below freezing temperatures yesterday and I expect to do the same tomorrow and all weekend long.
The good part about Cinders and I is that we are good at "crunch time".  Cinders will work until she literally drops and she is more than happy to prod me around.  She doesn't know how to quit and she will work every day and only show improvement.
I was very pleased with Razor's 3rd training session since I have had him back.  It was also the 3rd helper I have worked him on.  Solid as  a rock with grips just as calm.  I think this boy is super nice!  He is not as defensive as his brothers Vader and Lava which actually makes training very easy.  He also has high compliance and very nice pack drive without the separation issues in some of Cinders pups.  He has the calmest grips I have ever seen on a dobe his age.  I have to admit, I am getting a little attached and I am in no hurry to place this boy.

Brandi Williams
Masaya Dobermans

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